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Send notes of gratitude - anonymous or not. All hate is filtered using AI.

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Invite family & friends to contribute notes. Birthdays to work anniversaries, you name it.

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Impact a heart and discover how you've made the recipient feel. Your words matter.

love is everything

spread love, together

In these crazy times, it's easy to forget that love exists in the world. Lovenotes is a place to discover and share our love and gratitude for those we care about most.

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it matters, now

Research shows that expressing gratitude or sharing your love to someone whether it's for a special occasion or just because can improve you and the recipient’s happiness and well-being.

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share humanity, forever

Lovenotes exists to enable us to share our splendidly beautiful, sometimes fractured selves with all its power to those who move, hear, and love us.

your words matter
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