our dream

We want every person in the world to feel loved for who they are. For us, love is the most powerful force in the world. And it is everywhere.

Such a force should be shared, embraced, and cherished. That’s why we created lovenotes.

These notes are about sharing the unspoken positivity, gratitude, or admiration that we normally don't share due to inconvenience or awkwardness.

The lovenotes app enables individuals to better share those feelings. And we use artificial intelligence to prevent any unloving notes from being sent.

Love outshines hate. Spread love, be love.


lovenotes started as a passion project at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. Students loved the interface and thus lovenotes spread to other universities and environments.

Ultimately, lovenotes is a story of liberation - enabling individuals to liberate their hearts and the hearts of others. is the founder of lovenotes.

Feedback is a gift. Seriously.
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